Gizmodo: Check Out This 1995 Rover Mini Has Converted to Electric

Gizmodo: Check Out This 1995 Rover Mini Has Converted to Electric

August 27, 2023
Check Out This 1995 Rover Mini Has Converted to Electric

EV conversions rock so hard – the mechanics that do them are super knowledgeable, and the projects typically require complete restorations that can bring a group of awesome people together. So when a sandstone carmaker like Mini announces that it has teamed up with EV conversion company Fellten Australia to turn a classic 1995 Mini Rover into an electric car, my interest is more than just piqued.

Fellten Australia does some great work making classic cars like Porsches, Land Rovers, and Mini Coopers electrified. Here’s a video from four months ago breaking down its Mini-focused EV conversion kit, beside a classic model.

And now, Mini Australia has announced its partnership with Fellten to convert a 1995 Rover to electric, using the company’s Mini conversion kit, featuring a 19kWh battery pack, a 72kW Zonic motor, and “175km of electric fun”.

The car being converted. Image: Mini Australia

Drawing inspiration from the Mini Recharged program, a UK-based program where Mini takes classic models and crams EV kits into them, the conversion was completed this month, with a focus on preserving the charm of the original car. It’s the smallest car to ever be in the Fellten Australia workshop.

Two driving modes have been included in the refresh – a ‘sport’ and ‘city’ mode – with the car said to have go-kart-like handling. There’s also regenerative braking, a Type 2 charging port, and a 0-100km/h speed of just eight seconds.

Splash splash. Image: Mini Australia

Mini is aiming to be an all-electric company from 2030. The company currently sells a single electric model in Australia, with a new ‘Aceman’ EV on the way.


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