GoAuto: Mini and Jaunt create EV converted classic

GoAuto: Mini and Jaunt create EV converted classic

August 27, 2023

MINI Australia has partnered with Fellten Australia to covert a classic 1995 Mini Rover to electric power.

The roadworthy, fully electric Mini is said to retain the charm of the classic model while delivering a delightful driving experience with “instantaneous acceleration”.

The converted Mini features a liquid-cooled 19kWh battery pack and 72kW/175Nm Zonic-sourced EV motor offering up to 175km (WLTP) of driving range and a zippy 8.0 second 0-100km/h time (in Sport mode).

In converting the bright red petrol-powered Mini Rover to electric power, Fellten swapped out the original models front subframe for a new BMH setup it says will maintain the original model’s weight distribution and driving characteristics.

Kerb weight remains unchanged and all modifications and bolts on meaning the conversion can be reversed should a customer choose.

Additionally, the setup gifts the Mini with technologies including regenerative braking, a Type 2 charging port and two driving modes – City and Sport.

Other features include a Speed Hut three-gauge instrument cluster, Billet Aluminium drive selector and PTC cabin heater.

“Never has the topic of electromobility been so relevant, particularly in Australia where EV adoption rates are still in its infancy and there is an opportunity to shape the mindset toward considering sustainable transport,” said Fellten Australia chief product officer, Dave Budge.

“We are excited to be working with MINI Australia on converting this classic collectible which takes something we all know and love and transforming it into a catalyst for conversations surrounding sustainable mobility solutions.”

Completed this month, the 1995 Mini Rover conversion draws inspiration from the Mini Recharged Program which began with a one-off classic Mini Electric for the New York Auto Show in 2018.

Mini said overwhelmingly positive reactions to that project led to the creation of a dedicated team at Plant Oxford (UK) to develop a plan for creating a service offering for customers who own a classic Mini.

“Our iconic heritage is intrinsic to the character of the MINI brand, and this will continue to inspire and influence our direction even as we transition to offer a fully electric line-up by the beginning of 2030,” said Mini Australia general manager, Matt Schmidt.

“We are proud to work with Fellten on a project that seamlessly preserves the beloved elements of our past while pointing towards our exciting, all-electric future.”

Australian classic Mini owners who are interested in converting their car to electric power can contact Jaunt Motors to find out more about the EV conversion process and price.

ORIGINAL STORY https://www.goauto.com.au/news/mini/electric/mini-and-fellten-create-ev-converted-classic/2023-08-24/91801.html

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