Our new workshop in Melbourne's East

Our new workshop in Melbourne's East

August 11, 2023

After a hectic couple of weeks we’ve now completed the move across town to our new development and production facility in Scoresby.

new workshop

Still a lot to unpack and setup but the new space has allowed us to immediately scale up and work on more vehicles simultaneously.


More than just floorspace we’re now able to separated R&D, fabrication, electrical manufacture and vehicle assembly to optimise process and stop the teams annoying each other. For example we now have a dedicated battery build room.


On the benches you can see the front and rear battery packs for the Bendigo Tech School Range Rover Classic in final assembly and testing of the cooling system before they’re sealed.

It also gives us space to start on our next (and smallest) vehicle line.


You might be wondering when (and how) we got around to ahh building all this…

We’re leasing part of a facility built by DSI https://www.dsinternational.com.au. They're a 90 year old automotive transmission development company, now working on systems for global vehicle platforms both electric and internal combustion.


Their development process is very aligned with ours and they have the equipment to carry out testing and validation to global standards. Having access to their knowledge and capabilities is a dramatic leap forward on our path to ISO accreditation (as we have in Fellten UK) and setting the new standard in EV conversions.

Many more spaces and capabilities show and tell you about over the coming weeks.


The only downside is keeping it all clean.

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